Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Sadhu's life

When there is no thing left to win over and there is nothing to loose. Where worries have no place and there is no reason to be happy. Man to animals nothing fear. Living in rational terms, is not life but beyond it such a life lives a sadhu. “One who attains perfect control over self is sadhak, henceforth termed as Sadhu” says Ranjit Singh Verma alias Aftab Dahalvi, an insurance employee, a known Urdu poet and now a Sadhu, “Not exactly but vying to become. There are two ways to become Sadhu either seva (service) Sadhana (penance). What drives an individual to choose either way is difficult to explain like air that you can feel but not able to explain it. It is reality worth experiencing than debating over it verbally.” No responsibility, no emotional bondage makes them fearless and many fear them. “They are trouble causer sometime. In crowd some of them turned out to be drug peddlers, thugs, shawman creating nuisance in the system.” Add R.K. sudhanshu Collector Hardwar region highlighting fact of their given traveling status there are no such records that how many they are in numbers. “SSP of this region has a plan where we would be able to maintain record of every arriving Sadhu. And it is important as they leave body there is nobody many a time to claim their body and many times it causes trouble as they die without antecedent leaving assets crossing billion marks in value subsequently it becomes headache for system.” Explains Sudhanshu giving instance of a murder of Sadhu took place some days back who left a huge property behind, “Constitution of India recognize them as normal citizen but their free and fearless way of living causes panic in common man sometime.”
“This pious place is meant for Jal Samadhi of Saints and sadhus. ‘Grihast’ should go to either chandi or kankhal ghats. One who doesn’t follow the order would be subjected to legal procedures. – By orders. Sudhanshu is not aware of this hoarding placed at ghat number 10 on banks of Ganges in Hardwar. “Many reporters worldwide came here and expressed their opinion in media channels. I maintain record of every Sadhu brought here for cremation. They come from every nook and corner of India even if they leave their body outside India they are brought here. First we give them bath of Milk, honey, sandal paste, pure ghee and than perform their last rites closing their body in Sandal wood coffin or huge knapsack (Depending on their financial standing) filled with stones and push them in sapt dhara into fathoms deep water.” Says Sukhdev giri Maharaj performing rites at ghat since 40 years and in charge of maintenance of records of every arrival.
Often their initiation and previous life is subjected to mysterious circumstances. “I am OM that’s it” explains Om when been asked about his previous life putting full stops on all questions. A Greek and musician by profession his life now sings altogether a different tune. He heard it at age of 18 and gave up everything at age of 26. “It was like trading I was giving things away and it was coming to me rapidly. I don’t look it as that I am not contributing to society but I am not taking something away and I could be a part of faith governing system as I devote all time to prayers and penance.”
It’s a devoted life where they owe nothing and after they leave body it is devoted to taste buds of myriad tortoises and fish. To sum it up when I live I don’t owe anything to anybody and I die I belong to everybody.

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  1. It is very informative and give a new perception about mortality and spiritualism.