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Questions people play

Questions people play

Adam met Eve in the Garden of Eden's and offered her an apple. Eve must have reverted back to Adam seeing a novel round thing with sheen "What I should do with this?" Myth logically they were harbingers of human race and that question kick started process of developing human life.
Life comprises of so many trifling affairs that missing one of them could bring emptiness in overall life. Questions are such small affairs. Born and brought up in democratic India, has given us liberty to ask anything from anyone.
President, Prime Ministers, CEO's, Chief of staffs, rich and powerful. Questions haven't spared any one of them. If anybody intruded the limits it's barrage of question that has stopped him.
Recently many firms have launched grooming classes for their employees where they taught how to answer to boss and super boss, table manners, clothing manners, speaking manners but Questioning manners?. While reading the below mentioned you will come to know every thing asked has got its own importance.
Following just alphabetical order they are classified as:
1. Pleasing Question- PQ
2. Query Question –QQ
3. Real Question –RQ
4. Stupid Question - (SQ)

1. Pleasing Question- It is played as to please somebody and many a time mistook as bootlicking by many. PQ's arise in situation of attraction where two parties get attracted to each other and most of the time it is sexual attraction. Like a young girl asking a hunk "What you do to maintain such a slim body textures?" PQ"s if played genuinely and with focus creates a room for everlasting relationship. Most of the time it is not flattering but an attempt to kick start process of comradeship where receiver comes in child mode and giver is in adult role.

2. Query Question- One more word that could replace this is "Pop-up" Questions. This is found in persons of knowing mind and in extreme cases when second party reject to answer it fall into irritation category. If such person comes across entirely novel thing tantalizing their visual followed by intellectual interest it trigger a barrage questions in and out. Learning is never ending process probably learning comes when they wish to keep knowing about many things. To satisfy all "?" they not only ask but read, observe, and interact. As a child grows one must have seen that he asks many questions and later on when physical growth takes place that child lives in him in form of emotions and due to this child like curiosity world has seen many scientists, Business tycoons, computer wizards exploring and attaining pinnacle as for them Life is learning.

3. Real Questions: Let's call it as "Journalists minded questions". They are of very serious by nature, said in limited words at correct time to correct person and are dangerously played. Behind those limited words lies deep interrogation, and investigation into facts and figures backed up with deep reading. It is asked in adult mode to a person bearing an adult role. And it has witnessed many melodramatic situations and in parliaments many governments have come down. Very moment they are played there offshoot an aura of silence for few moments before somebody gather courage to break it.

4. Stupid Question
These are Child like questions. Most of the time one discover them mushrooming in Co-ed classes. In classes when it becomes of prime importance to create an impression on teacher than in such a crisis many come up with SQ's with also a motto of conveying that they are also intelligent to sparkling females present. At prima facie one ask a real question and receives a tacit applaud followed by few more real questions, query questions and than pleasing questions than from there such a scarcity emerges Stupid Questions that are irrelevant to subject, concerned person and context of discussion.
But sometimes these questions asked on frequent basis turns into a relationship where giver comes in parent mode with sympathy as its root to receiver and brings him on track of rationality and relevant while giving reply to his offbeat questions and realizing him unconsciously of the situation..
Although a genuine attempt is been made while categorizing them into best possible mode but it is not disagreeable that many haven't found a place in all four. Take for instance this situation where a dead body is wrapped in a white cloth giving it overall a melancholy milieu with gloom and chaotic situation reveals everything about situation. Suddenly enters a postman finding himself in awkward and most odd circumstances he vomits out "Is there any death taken place?" A man annoyed replied sarcastically "No they are celebrating the marriage anniversary". An Accidentally asked question....Questions...No limits....... 

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