Wednesday, 30 May 2012

1971 Pakistan war - Before it and after that

Before it and after that
As per mythological stories whenever good have won over evil that triumph is celebrated till date as like festival Diwali Dusshera, Holi. Akin to it in real world when some ones efforts yield results in terms of triumph over all vexing conditions than it is celebrated as day of National importance likes 15th Aug, 2nd oct. 1st may and so on. The concept signifies valor and sacrifices of heroes. They sacrificed their today to make our tomorrow better. As matter of fact one such day is going unnoticed since many years when we talk of celebrations on the name and karma of heroes. It is Vijay Diwas, when India won over Pakistan and formed a whole new country as a cumulative effect of it. “I wrote many letters and columns in newspapers urging government to declare it as day of national importance.” Explain Lt.Col. Walia but subject matter hasn’t found even proper place in pages of history. “It was 26th Nov.1971 when war was in the air but nobody of us talking about it openly and we had increased our exercises on border area of Badmer in Rajasthan where we were patrolling in wee hours for some 25-30 kms daily rehearsing for unknown time that every army man waits for.” Said Lt.Col Walia of 2nd Grenadiers. “For us it was only task that was in our mind and rest all was secondary and sometime family well being worries us but there was no fear of death as I was very clear that there is one bullet on which my name is written till time that bullet gets fired nothing can count on me”. Worry keeps one assured of survival and subsequently he takes precautionary steps during war. “IN 1965 war against Pakistan and 1962 war against China where I was prisoner with Chinese army for one year I was fearless and worriless as I was bachelor but in ‘71 war I was fearless but worrisome for my wife with whom I tied the knot and promised to come back.” Narrates Col. Kapil of Gurkha regiment who was posted at Rajouri sector during that time. “But I never let the worries to get reflected on face and daily I use to pump in lot of zeal in troops with gusto in my talk. And as far as our counterpart is concerned we were not suffering from any hostile feeling but we embarked on theory of bullet to bullet and men for man.” And after war he managed to arrange a holiday in Kausali in Punjab with his wife to get along with life afterwards. But things were different with Col. Lele who was part of strategic operations and was near to family as he was posted in border area of Gurdaspur and family in Ambala so that distance was not felt. “I still remember the day when field Marshal Maneckshaw urged us to wipe off 1 crore plus Bangladeshi intruders and said enough is enough. As part of our strategy we need to blow off rail and road Bridges built on river Ravi and capture Dera baba Nanak (that is considered to be seat of Guru Nanak as per anecdote). And I was anxious for family that what they must be doing in case of bombarding in particularly” recalls Col Lele of first Gurkha rifles. He discovered Pakistani soldiers as very professional who inherited this profession from their forefathers and he had very sweet memories attached to 65 war. “I felt intensely bad and I don’t know why, when I saw bridge assimilated to dust particles in front of me as if I lost a link it was such kind of feeling.” These three infantry officers are retired and leading a peaceful life and accomplished life but regret that government doesn’t pay much heed to sacrifices of dead and living heroes in terms of other days it celebrates. Lt. Col. Walia expressed his regret on 25th anniversary of Vijay Diwas while writing columns and letters in newspapers. It is sad to see Army man who are known for their comradeship and initiatives lagging behind when event is very much related to them. “Bombay life and attitude” is the best defense they take when it comes to not living up to some human considerations. Why not adding another party amidst so many parties in Mumbai on the name and sake of soldiers?

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