Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Star - to be or not to be

Star - To be or not to be
Look above your head a widespread sky. On that sky see those shining and twinkling stars. What we see as shining star is actually continuous burning flame. This is what life of a celebrity, rich and famous (read) star is like. That burning ambition to be somebody got them at the top. Nevertheless they have to keep burning to maintain their shine. 
World admires their shine. What is more, people make celebrity as their role model. This ardent desire to be like star makes many followers to climb higher and they wish to touch the sky alike their role model. And this is a lifetime achievement of rich and famous when people follow their footprints. Hordes of cameras, hundreds of people are behind them. They want to know how they live their life as simple as how their bathroom looks like or what is their favorite color. What is their favorite time activity, who was their past beau, how they rose from rags to riches. Indeed a celebrity’s life is talk of the town. 

People look at their fortune but not spending of millions that they are doing to sustain stardom. On all the way to road to success they have won true enemies and false friends. Their personal life is a public show. Their personal affair makes the headline. Moreover they cannot come out in open freely to see the sky. Sometime they again look back at those lanes where they dreamt of becoming a star. They miss those moments and seldom weeps in a dark corner of their mansion. 

While seeing pains of life of rich and famous most of the time people do not want to become glitterati. In my opinion there is nothing wrong to be a shining star but it is matter of regret to be a falling star. Rich and famous have to pay the price of stardom they have achieved. Every achievement they make comes with a price tag. People who maintain their celebrity status for long have actually planned and visualized it while they were on streets. They calculated the price they will pay on road to stardom. Similarly one who has an ardent desire to become rich and famous should also know the price tag. They need to learn from lives of people who chose this path knowing pros and cons. In brief one who wants to become a star should know that he/she has to burn his/her life. 

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